Raining Ashes   2011

The film is an illustration of an illusionary connection between a prisoner in solitary confinement and a man who can be interpreted as an activist or a writer. In the dark solitude of the cell, the prisoner imagines the man somewhere beyond the boundaries of the cell, writing to her out of concern and sympathy and she follows his glowing words with her eyes as they float in the air glittering and flying towards her. The prisoner is disturbed by memories of torture and being filmed while she is tied to a chair. Towards the end, the film suggests that the illusion can be more of the writer than the prisoner.

The film is made in sympathy with the political prisoners who were jailed and tortured after Iran’s 2009 presidential election. A young man in particular, inspired this film. He was forced to make a false confession about collaborating with the enemies of Iran and received a death sentence as a result of that. His confessions were aired on the national TV, and soon after he was executed. He was only 19. On the night of his execution, all hopes for saving him had vanished and nothing could be done. The only thing to wish for was for him to know that people are awake, with him and for him, through the night.

Sound Design by Gavin Moon





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